We are fast, precise and the result of our work is always a clear and flawlessly processed economic image of your company.

Accounting and Tax

Wages and payroll


  • experience and professionalism since 1993
  • flexible and individual approach, according to the needs of each client
  • quality assurance for all accounting, wage, tax and legal services
  • with the growth of your business we will automatically adapt to you
  • comprehensive and fast service in accounting and tax records, tax processing and payroll processing


Audit reports for special purposes

  • audit of financial statements,
  • verification of extraordinary and interim financial statements
  • auditing reports for special purposes (verification of opening balances in business combinations, verification of selected information for banks and regulatory authorities and for tenders)
  • verification of fulfillment of conditions for drawing subsidies


Corporate, companies & Personal Accounting

  • complete processing, accounting
  • checking, accounting for documents
  • and management and tracking of receivables and payables
  • keeping property records
  • keeping stock records
  • processing of financial statements – Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, other reports according to client’s needs
  • annual financial statements


Tax records

  • complete management of tax records
  • keeping a daily income and expenditure mainsheet
  • keeping a cash register
  • management of fixed assets
  • keeping a book of receivables and liabilities
  • zprocessing of financial statements
  • keeping a record of VAT payers


Tax advice

  • tax advice for individuals and self-employer
  • tax advice for legal entities and companies
  • tax return for value added tax and income of natural and legal persons
  • road tax, property tax, tax on the acquisition of immovable property
  • postponement of submission of tax return and deferment of payment of income tax
  • the compilation of personal income tax receipts from dependent activities and functional benefits
  • compiling the withholding tax bill
  • representation before the tax office in ordinary matters


complete Payroll and Personnel Agenda

  • monthly wage calculation, insurance premiums and income tax advances
  • keeping employee records
  • monthly payroll of employees
  • compilation and processing of reports on NHS (ZP) and (OSSZ) state social funds
  • registration sheets of pension insurance
  • the annual settlement of advances on income tax on dependent employment
  • yearly withholding tax
  • preparation of documents for inspection



  • accounting and tax outcomes, including communication, can be transmitted in English and Arabic
  • translations from Czech to Arabic and Arabic into Czech with official authentication




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